What’s floating in my coffee?

This is not a questions anyone wants to explore the answer to early in the morning…especially after you’ve already had several sips.

With pets sometimes its as simple as a piece of their hair. I think it’s amazing some of the things you no longer worry about when you have pets or kids.  If you choose to take your delicious hot libation outside to enjoy the weather it could be any number of natures creatures or creations.

One early morning before work I had brewed the perfect cup of coffee. The flavor of the creamer and coffee were a great blend and I was ready to head out of the house. Before I placed the lid on my “to go” cup I notice something was floating at the top. A quick dip of my finger to remove the offending object revealed it was a gnat. A once alive flying creature committed suicide by landing in my perfectly blended cup of joe.

I wasn’t running late, but making a new cup would put me behind and traffic is very unpredictable in the morning. In seconds I had to decide, will I ignore the fact there had been a deceased creature that met its demise in my awesome drink? After all had I not looked into the cup I would have drank it and never been the wiser. And aren’t bugs protein or something? But I do know, and the evidence is now in my trashcan. Or do I dump it out and risk the traffic and being late to work? Supervisor is cracking down on time, but maybe if I explain there was a death in my coffee he will understand.

I made my decision.

What would yours be?




  1. pecsbowen · January 24, 2015

    Honestly, it depends on the size. Something as big as a bee or fly would not pass. An ant perhaps. A gnat – no.

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    • Jinx · January 24, 2015

      The gnat was about the same size or smaller than an ant if than clarifies 🙂

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      • pecsbowen · January 24, 2015

        🙂 😀 … hardly matters. Rare poisons kill, I think we can live with the daily common small flying things. I have been told that millions of tinier things – parasites, bacteria thrive on human skin.

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      • Jinx · January 24, 2015

        So true!


    • DiyDaisy · January 24, 2015

      If a bee flew in my drink I wouldnt drink it!😂

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      • Jinx · January 25, 2015

        Nope, those suckers at too big…and fuzzy!!

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  2. Ann GrubbsnCritters · January 24, 2015

    Hilarious take! Enjoyed your post. If I’m the boss, I would *completely* understand! ;D

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    • Jinx · January 24, 2015

      Awesome, thank you!! 😀


  3. tinyexpats · January 24, 2015

    Decisions decisions… :))

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  4. Just Plain Ol' Vic · January 24, 2015

    Just more protein…..and flavor?!

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    • Jinx · January 25, 2015

      More protein…but the flavor, I dunno if that’s a good thing.

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  5. Ann GrubbsnCritters · January 24, 2015

    On the hindsight, I wasn’t quite answering your question. It’s a tough decision – depending on my state of mind or if I like the boss. Either way, I think I’ll need to have my coffee first – deal with the consequence later. At least I’m caffeinated! 😀

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    • Jinx · January 25, 2015

      So you would start over with a new cup?


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