Too Hungry!


I am hungry! All the time! There is no explanation I can think of to justify this constant state of wanting to eat. Nothing has changed from my normal routine. I’ve not increase my activity level, nor have I decreased what medically is a healthy caloric intake. I allow “cheat” items every now and then but always include them in my calorie count or increase my activity accordingly. I’m eating plenty of protein and generally well rounded meals. I’m a little freaked…

To me, food was always a comfort. Whether I was celebrating, rewarding, or soothing my feelings, food was the answer. While I never considered myself to be morbidly obese, according to medical standards I was considered borderline. While I don’t have much of a sweet tooth I do have a weakness for salty, greasy, and saucy.

After deciding to gain some semblance of control in my life I changed my eating habits. I did it slowly and methodically so I wouldn’t ever feel cheated or like I was starving. It’s been 7 months now so I think much of my changes have become healthy habits. I succeeded in sheading most of the extra pounds and was feeling healthier than ever. Life still happened, work still happened, but I was doing ok and my episodes of depression had not been nearly as frequent as they were becoming.

Only within the last two to three weeks I have not experienced any feelings of being full or satisfied after a meal. Not only that I want more. I finish my breakfast but then stare longingly at the lunchbox on my desk wishing it were 12. I eat my lunch but then I can’t wait to get home for dinner. I go to bed at night excited about the next day’s food I will be able to eat again. What the heck is going on? I fully expected these feelings when I first started, not months after I’ve already lost the weight.

The good news is, my self-control is still intact. The bad news is, I feel like a crazed food obsessed beast! Maybe it’s hormonal. Maybe it’s a phase. Maybe I’m in HELL!! Whatever it is I want it to end!



  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic · September 14, 2015

    As long as you are exercising it is considered healthy to eat 3 meals with 2 snacks in between.


    • Jinx · September 25, 2015

      That’s typically what I’ve been eating. My BF said if I increase my exercising I can eat more but then I’ve been a bit lazy lately so…:-| Ya I just want more food 🙂

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