Moved and Survived!

Last weekend was the big move to our new house. I actually let my boyfriend talk me into not hiring movers since we had donated a lot of our stuff to charity and only had the master bed set, family room, laundry room and kitchen. My mother and her husband helped as well. I had tried to point out to him that there was probably more stuff than he realized as there we numerous boxes in the garage and bedrooms. He was adamant and for once I gave in and said go for it.

1/3 way through the move, covered in sweat and dirt, he looked at me and said, “Next time we will hire movers.” I behaved and didn’t do the, ‘I told you so’ dance, but I did say I would certainly remember that years from now should we move again. Our intent is for him to finish school and get a job so we can upgrade to our dream home.

Even though this isn’t the house of our dreams, I love that we are not renting anymore. Finally I can hang pictures and window coverings with wild abandon! The dogs have a full back yard to run in and explore and the cat has an entire room of windows (a built on sun room) to bask in and recharge his little kitty battery.

The weeks building up to the move were stressful as hell. With my personality and impending doom expectations I surprisingly survived. The mini vacation we took helped a lot and staying active with karate eased much of the strain on my neck and back (where I hold my stress).

Now to begin the exciting journey of home renovations!!



  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic · July 31, 2015

    Home renovations, ah yes…that evil yet satisfying pastime! Good luck!


    • Jinx · August 18, 2015

      Thanks! Holy schmoly, the list never seems to end!!!


  2. kutukamus · August 16, 2015

    A home of your own? Now that counts. Congratulations! 🙂


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