Excuses, excuses

I cannot stand it when people make up excuses! If you don’t want to do something don’t do it. Own up to it and move on. With my depression I’ve had more days than I can remember where I simply didn’t want to do anything. If a friend tried to get me to do something I would tell them I didn’t want to. I would sometimes say I didn’t feel well and that was not a lie, depression feels miserable, but I would not make up an excuse.

As a part of my weight loss plan I started walking during my 20 min breaks at work. I even downloaded an app on my phone to gage my progress, time and distance. My coworker decided she wanted to walk with me and for the first two days she did. On the third day I started picking up my pace. She decided she didn’t want to keep up so she told me to go on ahead, which I did. On the fourth day she was not at her desk at the time I go on break. So I went without her. When I got back she said, “Ohhh did I miss our walk?” I told her she knew where I was if she had wanted to join me. The next day she was expecting a call from her insurance company. I suggested she start walking and stop if they called. She said no and that she would “catch up.” Not only did they never call, she never caught up.

It’s now been two months since I started walking and her excuses have been as follows:

I forgot my walking shoes

I’m exhausted

I got busy

I gotta make a phone call

I’m cramping

My muscles are too sore

I’ve never been a motivator. I can barely motivate myself let alone someone else. I’m not the type of person to push people into doing things even things they should be doing. So I let her know when I’m going and if she joins me that’s fine but if not I don’t care and I don’t care why.

During my journey I also decided to restart my karate training. When I tell my friends I usually hear things like, “I’ve always wanted to do karate” or “I should start going too, it sounds like fun.” But, they NEVER do. And that’s ok, I understand that a lot of things sound great in theory, but when faced with reality it’s another story. Recently, however, one friend actually came. She said she had a great time and agreed to come at least once a week. Since then she has had every excuse ranging from her not feeling well, to her mother (whom she still lives with) not feeling well. Maybe it’s all true. Maybe there are circumstances in life where something always goes wrong on the exact day you plan to do something…every single week. Or, maybe you’re just a schmuck and need to be honest with yourself (and others) and say, “I don’t want to do this.”



  1. lemonlime7421 · April 27, 2015

    Exactly how I feel while coaching..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. fishrobber69 · April 28, 2015

    ouch that hurts… I make excuses all the time. Maybe I need to hear that more often. Having said that, sometimes the thought is more like “I want to do it, but I don’t have the strength right now.”


    • Jinx · April 30, 2015

      Totally understand not having the strength, and sometimes it’s easier to make up an excuse. But I’m talking more about committing to something and then making up excuses after. Just say no to begin with 🙂


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