The Burden of Knowledge

Sometimes the problem with knowing too much about something is that it takes the fun out of it. This has never been truer for me than with food. I’ve been working hard the last two months to improve my eating habits and be more physically active. One of the best ways to ensure I’m eating well has been to track my daily calorie intake. I have an easy to use app on my phone that has the calorie count for almost every grocery store item, restaurant, and fast food place I’ve been to.

The other day my office was having a going away party for a staff member. The staple of most of our ‘celebrations’ consists of pizza. Not just any pizza but Costco pizza. If you are not familiar with this place it is basically a members only warehouse store. People joke about the 40 roll toilet paper and gallon size aspirin bottles, but it’s no joke. I used to have a membership and I didn’t need to buy toothpaste for over a year. They also happen to sell monster size pizza apparently to go with the monster savings you get for shopping wholesale. The pizza is good, I don’t buy it for home but I’ve had it at several parties over the years.

So, I type in Costco pizza into my handy dandy calorie counter and discover that just one slice of cheese pizza is 699 calories!!!! WHAT?! That’s more than half of what I’m allotted for the entire day! I’ve had pizza from other places since I started this healthy lifestyle change and I expected maybe 300 at the most, so I didn’t bring a lunch. I decide to cut it in half and eat as much salad as I could before I even start on the pizza. In the meantime I’m watching my coworkers scarf down two to three pieces (with tons of toppings) at a time and all I can think is, “Holy crap, that’s over 1500 calories in one sitting.” UGH, talk about a buzz kill.

Then the chocolate mousse cake came out and I think I cried a little.



  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic · April 21, 2015

    I feel your pain!! I have used the MyFitnessPal app and now I pretty much know what my caloric intake is simply by looking at the food or reading the ingredients. Don’t forget that, as long as you exercise, then you can “cheat” a bit and have an increased caloric intake for the day.


    • Jinx · April 22, 2015

      Yep! That’s the one. It is both awesome and awful 🙂 I have specifically increased my activity daily not only to help with the weight loss but to allow for those ‘cheat’ days once in a while! I don’t think I would be able to (or want to) do it if I was too strict.

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      • Just Plain Ol' Vic · April 22, 2015

        What helped me was to determine which meals were the most important for me. I generally do not like to eat breakfast, so I didn’t use a lot of calories there which left me an adequate amount for lunch and dinner.

        Don’t forget to pound the water. One bottle of water did wonders for getting rid of hunger pangs or cravings.


      • Jinx · April 24, 2015

        Yes, I’ve up’ed the water a lot…but dang it if I still don’t want that extra taco on taco Tuesday’s 😉

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