What have I done?

When I decided to start my 30 day fad diet in Feb I also chose to add an easy activity that would get me moving and hopefully more physically active over all. At work there are several people that bring walking shoes and walk the perimeter of the building during their breaks. When the weather is too hot or windy there is a long stretch of hall way in the back of the building that is always nice and cool. I’ve been walking this hall way everyday during my 20 min breaks and I’ve been pretty proud of the fact that I’ve stuck to for as long as I have.

Today as I’m speed walking in the hall and sweating in my work clothes and tennis shoes, who do I run into? One of the women that interviewed me for the promotion. Fortunately, I knew this woman from before the interview; we had been on a committee together and we would occasionally have pithy conversations when we ran into each other over the years. Initially I just say ‘Hi’ but as she turns the corner for the exit door I stop her. Out of breath I ask, “So, have you already chosen someone for the position?” She says they haven’t and in fact have more interviews this week. Do I simply thank her and say have a nice day? NO, I continue by asking “Well is there anything I can say or do that may tip you over into choosing me?” She laughs and says she cannot be bribed. We both laugh and then I remember what a mess I’m in and embarrassingly say, “Oh I’m not really dressed like this for work, this is just because I’m walking.” She laughs and then says, “You interviewed really well,  I just want you to know that.” Ohhhh that was so incredibly wonderful to hear!! As if I wasn’t out of breath enough already I continue to be ridiculous and joke (I was so out of it I can’t even remember exactly what stupid things I said). Eventually, I give her a sincere thank you and wish her luck in their decision making.

Now I’m shaken but I continue with the last half of my walking break. Just as I’m cooling down and stopping my timer on my phone, the other woman that interviewed me comes out into the hall. Now, neither one of these women work in my office, apparently they were here for a meeting. I give her an awkward greeting since I had only met her during the interview and as she’s clearly in a rush to leave. Do I just leave it at that? HELL NO, I shout, “I don’t normally look like this I’m just working out in the hall way!” WHAT!? What is wrong with me? I’ve never felt so out of control of my own voice before. I’ve had awkward moments in life, but nothing like this. It felt like some other out of breath, sweaty, inappropriately dressed monster took over and decided to have a chat with the managers that interviewed me. She gave me a half smile and continued to run toward the exit.  Aaaaah you gotta love timing.

The good news is, they apparently haven’t made a decision, the bad news is I may have just helped them with their choice…and not in a good way.



  1. bagheeracr · April 7, 2015

    As long as you didn’t lick them, grab their butt or insult their mother, you did great.


    • Jinx · April 7, 2015

      BHAHAHA! I’m almost positive I didn’t do that! 😀


  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic · April 8, 2015

    Well…….I don’t think you did anything that would hurt your chances, lol.


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