How Heartless Are We?

They get you in the mail, they get you on TV, they get you in the grocery store, and it’s all over Facebook: Guilt! It’s easier to ignore the begging that comes in the mail, I can just throw them away and no one is looking. TV, I’ve learned to hit the mute button whenever I see a child surrounded by flies. But dang it if I don’t feel a twinge of guilt when they ask me at the grocery store if I would like to donate a dollar to some worthy cause. And that’s what they want, guilt. They want the pressure of people looking at you while they ask, “Would you like to help cure cancer by donating $1?” I respond with a, “No thank you” but really, how inappropriate does that sound? It’s like I’m saying, “No I wish there was more cancer and that everyone here would get it, BWAHAHAHAHA!”

Now people enjoy posting guilt notices on Facebook. This way you have the added benefit of not only people watching but these people are your friends and relatives. People have created these posts that try to guilt people into reposting their crap such as; “Post this if you have the best mother in the world” or “Post this if you don’t want children starving and living on the streets”, I’ve even seen, “If you don’t repost this you don’t have a heart” AAAKKKK!!! Really?!!  So now not only do I not think highly enough of my mother, I want children to suffer and therefore clearly have no heart.

Why do people do this? Do people really believe others that repost those pictures are better people? Do they really love their sister/brother more than people that don’t advertise it on Facebook? If it hasn’t already been done perhaps sometime in the future a study will be done. Top scientists will gather countless amounts of data to prove or disprove that those that donate that $1 and repost have the biggest hearts and are clearly superior to those of us that simply ignore that crap and donate when they can to the causes they believe in.

I know, I know Vic, more reasons Facebook is evil 🙂



  1. Sophie Cussen · March 26, 2015

    I don’t consider myself to be a heartless person but I will not be manipulated into giving money to all and every charity. Nor will I be made to feel less than human for not re-posting something. I know what I value and I am sure you do too and that’s the main thing. As much empathy as I can feel (and I can feel a lot), that, nor the money I am able to give would be enough to stop what may/or may not be happening around the world. I can only control what’s in my immediate world.
    Over here we have full on National TV events last the whole evening bombarding you with images of starving children mixed in with comedians and singers plugging their latest books! It’s ridiculous.
    Don’t feel guilty – just be grateful for your own lot in life.
    PS – great blog 🙂


    • Jinx · March 26, 2015

      Exactly! While I certainly believe in supporting worthy causes, I just wish there were better methods of conveying those messages. It would also be better if we, as the human race, were not the cause of so many of those problems in the first place.
      Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words. They are greatly appreciated!!


  2. siriusbizinus · March 26, 2015

    It’s using social norms to make people do things. Also, Facebook posts that ask for reposting are just chain letters for a new generation. Personally, what I did when I had a Facebook account was to be contrary and argumentative. Eventually people got the idea that if they sent me stuff like that, they’d do so at their own peril.


    • Jinx · March 26, 2015

      Oh chain letter, those were always “fun.” I often wonder how many bad things have happened as a result of never rewriting and sending out those 10 copies to friends. hehehe

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  3. fishrobber69 · March 26, 2015

    totally agree: Fakebook is evil. The ones I hate are the “repost this if you are patriotic”. And chain letters? That’s how I got bipolar, by not sending out those 10 copies!


    • Jinx · March 27, 2015

      LOL, I don’ t know if Facebook itself is really evil, but I do agree, those chain letter have wreaked enough havoc! 😛


  4. Just Plain Ol' Vic · March 28, 2015

    Ha ha ha!! It’s so eeeevvviiillllll….

    *pinkie finger touching my lower lip*

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  5. magicallymad · March 30, 2015

    Just started following you. I HATE those posts that declare what a terrible person you are if you don’t repost, it’s so shameful to post something like that, why would anyone? Living the dream of depression too! XO


    • Jinx · April 6, 2015

      Thank you! They really are terrible posts and I don’t get why they are so popular. Sorry to hear you also experience depression, hopefully you have some good support systems and outlets. 🙂

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