Positive Change

Back in January I had written a post about desperately needing a change. There was a job opening in my department that would mean a promotion and I applied for it right away. Since I knew everything in my department takes weeks if not months before anything happens I decided I couldn’t wait for that before I took an active role in changing my life for the better.

And so in February I began my 30 day weight loss journey. Today is day 30 and I’m proud to say I followed the fad’s suggested plan about 85% of the time. Not too bad considering I didn’t think I would stick to it at all.  I learned a lot about myself and have made significant progress towards reaching my ideal weight and improving my over all health. I’ve decided to do another 30 days of the fad since my first order provided enough product  I only needed to spend a fraction of my initial costs to replenish what I’ve run out of. After that we will see if I can continue with what I find in regular health food and vitamin shops.

This fad allowed me to prove to myself that I do have the ability to stick with something positive. Even with everything that is happening with my father I did not allow myself to succumb to my old unhealthy coping mechanisms. I’m hoping that I’ve created some lasting habits that will help me maintain a less self-destructive lifestyle. I know there will be set backs. Living with depression all these years it’s been important for me to be realistic with myself. My hope is that the positive things I’ve now put into place will keep those setbacks from becoming the all consuming monsters they have been in the past.

The really exciting part is I actually got a call for the job interview! It isn’t until the 30th and of course there is no guarantee I will get the job, but at least having been given this opportunity it is another step in the right direction. Fingers crossed!!! 🙂



  1. lilypup · March 21, 2015

    Hey, that is all very exciting news. Good for you! http://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/


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