Did I join a cult?

The second I asked my Facebook friend about her amazing weight loss, they saw a target on my head. I was suddenly added to about 4 different private aka secret FB groups. I received friend requests from people I’ve never met before. Originally my curiosity was peaked as at least two of my FB friends were apart of this. They would speak in ‘code’ on their personal FB pages to attract people’s interest and curiosity. I knew it was a marketing ploy but their results were really signficant and I was ready for a change. What I wasn’t ready for was this cult like mentality the followers of this fad seem to have. Now that I have access to what the ‘codes’ mean and I’ve read what others, that are apart of the fad, post it’s a little creepy.

The warning signs:

This fad has saved my life, relationships, sanity, ability to parent, marriage etc etc.

There are no other weight loss fads like OUR weight loss fad!

If you are not apart of this weight loss fad you are denying yourself an amazing and life changing experience!

You should tell others how amazing this fad is so that they may be in on this life altering journey!

Every other fad is wrong but we are right!

Send friend requests to everyone that is apart of this fad to “support” them and ensure they are sharing it with others!

This fad is the answer to all your weight loss and life dilemmas!

We will only discuss the fad by name within these secret FB pages.

You must follow the rules and regulations of this fad at all times…for best results.

Sure this fad seems expensive, but it’s no more that what you spend going out for meals. And if you do what we say and have your friends and family join, this product pays for itself and you can actually Make Money!!

One of us, one of us, one of us…Ok, maybe not that cult like.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is only my 9th day of this 30 day fad and I have no issues with the product itself. It is more expensive than I would have liked but that was my own personal ploy to keep me accountable and ensure I stick to the full 30 days. My “sponsor” has already challenged me to get others to join! My results so far are decent, not amazing but I’m happy with them. Being only 9 days in I don’t see how I can push this product onto anyone. I still feel pretty new to this whole thing and would have nothing significant to talk up the sales of this fad to anyone else.

I almost wish I could experience the thrill and excitement of these other people. They truly seem happy and amazed that this product was the answer they have been looking for. Most of them claim to have tried everything else and failed but this one is different. I, however, know that all the fads have their own loyal followers and believers. All of them can work or else they wouldn’t still be around. Perhaps because I hadn’t tried and failed any of the others first I’m not able to experience all this joy the others get to.

It’s a shame there isn’t some FB support page for people who have joined a weight loss fad and feel pretty darn OK with it. For those of us that are fine using the product but don’t want to become hard-core “pushers” aka sales consultants for whatever product we are using. We could share important things like, ‘how much popcorn does your fad let you eat?’



  1. siriusbizinus · March 1, 2015

    That these people are pushing you to sell stuff is a warning sign. Do you have to cancel the program if you want to leave it?


    • Jinx · March 2, 2015

      Yep, I sure do. They have you pre-order items so I have the date in my phone to remind me when to cancel it so I don’t get charged.


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