Five Days of the Fad

Day 5 of the weight loss fad. Why haven’t I lost any weight yet?! Hahaha! No, I’m not impatient at all! 😛 Before I started I had decided not to weigh myself (I don’t even own a scale) or take any before pics. That decision stemmed from denial and shame. I didn’t want that much evidence of how out of shape I truly am. My plan was to do the measurements only and asses my progress via how my clothes were fitting and how I looked in the mirror. I have enough evidence of my overweightness thank you very much. Now on day 5 my “sponsor” told me I could get free product if I enter their progress challenge. This requires front, back and side pictures as well as current weight. Since this crap is so friggin expensive I thought what the hell, free is always good. Since I don’t have a scale I used one that is at my work. Then my coworker took my “before” pics. Yikes!!!! I entered them despite my disgust. Perhaps I will be able to look back on these pics and numbers and think, “Glad I don’t look like that anymore!!”

After seeing the pics I can feel that inner negative voice trying to sneak in. All that self-doubt and negativity in my head trying to tell me that I should look so much better after 5 days of this. Rational and realistic me knows that I could have been bigger when I started but I will never know since I didn’t check those things out 5 days ago. Also 5 days isn’t really all that long.

Positive things:

I’m learning not to take any calorie for granted. No more unnecessary condiments, drinks or after dinner mints.

I do feel a bit more energy on the weekends. Rather than wanting to watch TV in my PJs all day, I actually want to go out walking and do stuff.

I’m starting to feel a bit more empowered. I’ve actually succeeded in eating well over 5 days now (since I tried to eat better that first week). In the past I usually ate well for a day or two, then “reward” myself by eating something really unhealthy and return to my usual eating habits.

The product I have to use from my fad actually tastes good. I was really worried it was going to be some weird chemical or bland flavor that I would have to suffer through for 30 days.

I can’t say my depression is fully gone, however, I don’t feel as overwhelmingly unhappy as I have been. I’m hoping that relief continues, it’s nice not hating the world.

Things I’m still working on:

Getting the motivation to start a solid exercise program. During the week I still just want to eat dinner, watch TV then go to bed.

Being patient. Weight loss, when done in a healthy way, is not instant.

Alright, onward and weight downward!



  1. lilypup · February 24, 2015

    Sounds like you are making great progress. Keep going!


    • Jinx · February 24, 2015

      Thank you! I really appreciate the encouragement! 😀


  2. Bor Bor Igmus · February 25, 2015

    Kudos for taking charge, Jinx! Be patient, change is a gradual, one-step-at a time process.


    • Jinx · February 26, 2015

      Thank you! Yes, it is a very slow process but I’m starting to feel a little more accomplished the more days that pass and I stay on the program.

      Liked by 1 person

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