To My 2015 Self

Dear Tomorrow Me,

Well, look at you. You made it to the New Year despite yourself. 2014 was a lot tougher than you would have liked and I know you would like to view 2015 as an opportunity for positive change and growth. You write about being realistic, depressed, pessimistic and yet here you are still being hopeful. Maybe it’s the tastiness of this peppermint coffee or the wonderful sounds of the rain falling outside but I feel it necessary to encourage you not to give up that hope. I have been wracking my brain trying to remember any positives in 2014 and Surprise! there were a few.

You still have a job. Even though that place drives you crazy, it is a stable job and income. You didn’t quit in a mad rage, you were not canned because of budget cuts. You stuck it out and remain a non-hobo.

You reconnected with amazing friends. Sure it took longer than you would have liked (2 days before the New Year actually), but you learned they were experiencing their own struggles in 2014. Their absence wasn’t personal like you always think it is!

You have an answer to your infertility issue. You also have choices and that door is not closed for you.

You discovered a new author and in doing so have gotten back into reading. I’m adding this since it is a long series and should last you well into the New Year. It has all the elements you enjoy and reading is a much healthier escape than TV and YouTube.

You started this blog. You pushed through the self-doubt and anxiety and actually followed through with something. This has given you the opportunity to connected with others in a new and meaningful way, and so far the other bloggers of WordPress are amazing!!! It has also given you a positive outlet and more effective way to express and learn about yourself.

So there you have it. A simple reminder that you are capable of positive change, growth and though you may give up on yourself sometimes, your friends and loved ones haven’t. Try not to roll your eyes too much as you look back on this. Hold off on your snarky sarcasm and negative follow-up thoughts. Just take them at face value and appreciate them for what they are.

Congrats, you survived 2014!


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