Time for…Thanksgiving?

Today I finally get to have Thanksgiving with my father. Thanks to his poor health and one serious fall he has been practically bedridden since early November. Now he is on the mend. He has been going to physical and occupational therapy, with my boyfriend helping him in and out of the car. According to my BF he seems to be gaining more strength and is still his feisty stubborn self.

Since my parents divorce I’ve been in charge of making the Thanksgiving turkey for my get togethers with my dad if we are not going to my aunt’s house. There have only been a handful of years not spent with my aunt and this year is one of them. Sure it’s only 5 days till Christmas, but my dad isn’t going to miss out on his favorite holiday meal. And NO, this cannot be combined with Christmas because that comes with its own meal and get together.

As I’ve written about in A Lesson in Cupcakes, I don’t cook. fortunately, my mother taught me one of the easiest ways to cook a turkey. You basically slather it with oil and spices, wrap it up tight, and cook it at a low heat all night and morning…or basically take it out whenever you are leaving for the get together. I don’t even defrost it! I’ve made it the same way every time and it turns out perfect. Does that stop me from stressing about? hahahahahaha of course not! 😀 Thanksgiving has always been a huge treat for my dad. And now that his diet is much more strict, this is one of the rare treats he will not deny himself.

So this morning I noticed I wasn’t overwhelmed with the amazing aromas of turkey like I normally am. I could smell a hint of it and I attributed that to having probably smelled it all night and was just used to it. I go to the kitchen to make my coffee and see the oven is off!! HOLY SHIT!!! I quickly turned it back on and the oven was still warm so I’m hoping it only turned off a short time ago. We leave for my dads at 2:30, so I will check on it at 1. I will also be watching the oven like a friggin hawk! So much for easy 😦

Trying not to freak out, trying to be accepting of whatever may come. The chances are good that the turkey will be fine…AAARRRGGG!!! OK I’m wroking hard to chill the hell out. Any positive cooking vibes would be very much appreciated. 🙂


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