Ode To My Bed

dog sleep

I’m so friggin tired this morning. Not because I didn’t sleep well, but because there is something about the rain that makes my body want to curl up in warmth and do nothing. It’s much different than the depression “do nothing.” It is a more relaxed, no thought, no care in the world “do nothing.” It’s wonderful and because rain is so rare where I live it’s almost painful to have to get my butt up and trudge to work. And so this morning as I was rudely awakened by “Sherwood Forest” trumpets I wrote this in honor of my awesome bed.

Oh bed you are so amazing

You take me to a land free of stress, free of worry, free of hassle

You embrace me in your warm comfort and support my weary bones

As the rain falls and the wind blows you protect me from the bitter chill

When the alarm sounds too early in the morn you tempt me to never leave

I could live within your covers forever

But alas life must be lived and so I go

I am so grateful you will always be there for me when I return


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