My 99 Cent Christmas

An update to my tipsy post, In Need of Holiday Cheer, the 99 cent store decorations are up. Oh yes, it did happen! You can’t be too picky when it comes to last-minute 99 cent store shopping. It’s important to set your standards accordingly.

photo (3)

The only tree that fits in this place is this flat silhouette. Made for a window, I have it taped to the main livingroom wall, ’cause I do what I want damn it. Added the bows and ornaments to add some color and a little dimension. Sure the black fit my mood, but that wasn’t the point.

photo 1

I’m a sucker for stuffed animals. And who doesn’t love potatoes? Make it a potato shaped reindeer stuffed animal and I’m hooked!!

photo 2

Added sparkle with some of the only tinsel that wasn’t a tangled mess.

photo 3

And who doesn’t want a life-size nutcracker on their wall? He sees you when your sleeping, he gazes into your soul…hehehe

These were some of my favorite finds. Sure they may not be elegant, or even matching, but they provide that little punch of holiday cheer I was looking for. Ho Friggin Ho!!! 🙂


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