In Need of Holiday Cheer, Damn it!


It’s early morning (well 9:00 am is early for me on the weekend) and I’m drinking coffee with Baileys’ Vanilla Cinnamon. I would like to make a toast to cooler weather and the holiday season for giving me an excuse to drink alcohol so early in the day. 🙂

This year, due to my boyfriend loosing his job, I’m having a difficult time evoking the holiday cheer that I normally have. Pair that with the house we are staying in not having any space for a Christmas tree and I’m all but a full on Grinch (before his heart grew). I’m trying to do little things that may trigger some holiday happy. I bought an advent calendar to count down the days, I decorated my space at work, I’m drinking my holiday favorite Baileys’, sigh I really hate depression.

Ok, I’m going to beat this! Since funds are sparse I’m going to the 99 cent store and buy as many decorations as I can. We may not have a tree but damn it this piece of crap house is going to be festive!! hahaha Woohoo tipsy motivation!!!



  1. bitofaworrier · December 7, 2014

    I’m not feeling Christmassy this year either! I’m going to put my decs up this week though to maybe encourage some festive feeling!

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  2. Lonely Little Acorn · December 7, 2014

    I decorated my house this weekend to try to put myself in the holiday mood but I’m still not feeling it. I think you have the answer ALCOHOL! X

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  3. Just Plain Ol' Vic · December 8, 2014

    Christmas should not be about lights, gifts or any of those material things. It is about loved ones and small blessings. Take joy in those things. Perhaps you can creatively find a new tradition that evokes some of that Christmas spirit for you!


    • jinx0923 · December 8, 2014

      Agreed, it is not about those things. But this darn depression is keeping me from appreciating anything. So what I’m hoping is that I can trick myself into the holiday spirit by surrounding myself with cheap decorations 🙂

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      • Just Plain Ol' Vic · December 8, 2014



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  5. EmWell2 · March 28, 2015

    I skipped Christmas this year. Even though it was the most peaceful, calm, stress free Christmas of my life, I still ended up with a anxiety induced illness. As far as decorations, we keep a select few Christmas items out all year long so there is no need to decorate. I will never admit to being normal.


    • Jinx · March 29, 2015

      It’s ok, I think ‘normal’ is overrated much of the time. I’m sorry you still experienced anxiety and illness. Hopefully, this year’s holidays won’t have the same effect.


      • EmWell2 · March 29, 2015

        Thank You. Now that I know how powerful anxiety can be and what it can do, I am more aware and I find that is half the battle. So nice to meet you.


      • Jinx · March 29, 2015

        That is so very true! Great to meet you as well.


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