Life In The Extreme

Some people are really good at making generalizations and exaggerations. Some have a natural flare for the dramatic. I think teenagers and some people with personality disorders are especially prone to doing this. I have a coworker that is constantly complaining of migraines. She is not on any prescription meds and she continues to work like nothing is wrong aside from the constant complaints. Having experienced migraines there is no way in hell I would be able to function without meds. And even then, I just want to sleep the pain away. Perhaps people believe if it’s not severe or to the extreme others won’t pay attention. I think most of us know when we are exaggerating while others I’m not so sure. For the latter (like my coworker) I find myself wanting to smack them and say:

Headaches are not necessarily migraines

Wanting things in order and neat doesn’t mean you have OCD

Feelings of sadness do not always mean you have depression

Changing your mind or feelings is not bi polar

Getting really angry does not make you “psycho”

One night of drunkenness does not make you an alcoholic

Using hand sanitizer doesn’t make you a “germ-a-phob”

Thinking you heard something but being mistaken does not make you schizophrenic

Not caring about something doesn’t make you a sociopath

Being sick does not mean you are dying

Nor does

Writing poetry make you deep

Reading a news article make you aware

Watching the news make you politically savvy

Reading books make you well read

Loaning money to someone make you generous

Having sex make you a whore

Cooking make you a chef

I’ve no doubt that when I was a teenager I made some of these statements, and I may still make the proclamation that I’m dying when I’m sick. I think being dramatic on occasion is normal and ok. But when it becomes a part of your everyday speech, your statements begin to lose their validity. For me it’s like “crying wolf”. Initially I may feel sympathy and try to help, but if every aspect of your life is glorified to the max, I will eventually tune you out.


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