The Hate is Real

I hate hearing people tell other people, especially children, “don’t say hate, hate is such a strong word.” My response is, no it’s not. In fact sometimes it’s not strong enough! If I dislike something a lot, I hate it, plain and simple. I’m not going to down play it by saying I find that unpleasant or I simply don’t like it. Hate is quick, efficient and leaves no room for doubt. Things I really hate I loathe, abhor, or even despise. Those words I use for really awful things like abusers of living beings, social injustices, and global atrocities. There are many words that represent the vast spectrum of not liking something and I’m happy to use each and every one of them as I see fit.

I hate reading those Facebook posts, or some “inspirational” poster that claims by hating something I’m giving it power over me, it now lives within my very soul! What? I hate the taste of brussel sprouts, but I don’t let that control me. I just don’t eat them…is that control? And of course it lives within me. I’m the one who doesn’t like it. I’m the one experiencing it. If it lives within my very soul then I guess I will be its slumlord for the rest of this life time.

I’m certainly open to not hating things. I’m ok with my feelings changing, they do all the time. I used to hate rollercoasters; they scared the crap out of me, now I love them.

I don’t understand, rather than hate, people that say, “Don’t let it bother you”, or “don’t let them effect you that way.” I’ve yet to meet anyone that has that much control over their emotional reaction to something, so why do people keep saying it? Certainly, the average person can control how they physically respond e.g. violence, protests etc. but emotionally no…that shit is embedded deep within us. It is an instinctual, visceral reaction. If I truly had that much control over my emotions I would NEVER be depressed. I would be able to take hurtful words and horrible life events and let them “roll off my back.” It would be amazing!! Life would be harmonious, and I would never wallow in misery. So in this instance I don’t hate these people, I think they mean well, but I do hate their choice of words.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the Pollyannas, the mild mannered and the devout forgivers. I would hate if everyone were just like me, ugh, it would be awful! But in all honesty, I think there may be more people like me in this regard than not. So stop hating on my use of hate.


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